Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Working with Numbers :: Statistics & Data Management

As part of our exploration of statistics, graphing, data and probability we've been working with the E Labs found on the Harcourt site.  These labs help us to:

  1. follow directions
  2.  get used to lab formats
  3. work with numbers and various types of graphs and data.
These pictures show how we began our exploration using computers for data.

Can you name the different types of graphs you see in these pictures?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Reading Group Follow - Up

We've spent a number of classes working in reading groups discovering the various components of a novel.
I would like each of you to fill out this form based on your contributions and overall work with your group. Please answer carefully & honestly. I will use your input along with my anecdotal notes to help form your mark! Please complete by the end of the day, Saturday, April 12.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Snowpocalypse Follow up!

As promised, the students were out in full force this morning getting new snow measurements in the playground following the blizzard that occurred the past couple of days.

In our previous blog post students found an average depth of 7.5cm in a certain area in the playground.
Today, they took 4 additional readings in approximately the same places and found a new average of 14cm. 

They also re-measured the snow bank near the playground and the measurements all increased as well.

and... we all enjoyed our "snow days"! 
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We're tracking storms again! In anticipation of tomorrow's blizzard, we've done some tracking and measuring. We couldn't believe the length of the weather forecast on Environment Canada's site! Some of us had some turns reading the forecast in our best meteorologist voices from TV. All I can say is
 "Look out Cindy DayKalin Mitchell!" 
Some grade 5 students taking on the role as TV weather people!

Currently, Max & Kristina are measuring the amount of snow outside in the school yard / playground area. The average depth of the snow there is 7.5cm (the 4 readings they took were 7cm, 7cm, 6cm, 10cm). Innis & Jamey measured the height of the snowbank near the playground area. Currently, as of today March 25th, 2PM, the height is approximately 110cm in one area & 60cm in another area.

Making sure their snow bank measurements are precise.

Tune in in the coming days to see how our data has changed!!!!!!!!!
(special thanks to Mairi for being the photographer!)