Friday, October 29, 2010

Meeting Mrs. Fennemore's Class...

Mrs. Fennemore's class in Newfoundland posted questions for our class on their blog. Here are our answers:

Ellav asked: Where are we in NS?
Andy's reply: We are in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia... more specifically Iona. You can do a Google Street view of our school here:,-60.816885&z=19&t=h&hl=en This is our new school which opened 2007. It is a P-12 school.

JasmineG (who was born in NS! Where? we wonder) asked: what do we like best about our school:
  1. Camden -- the gym & that we can learn Gaelic
  2. Emerson -- playing dodgeball!
  3. Zach C -- Everything... it's hard to pick
  4. Nathan -- our new swing set!
  5. Ailig -- Our gym -- it's HUGE! 
  6. Tyler -- doesn't know what he likes best
  7. Rochelle -- field trips we take
  8. Zach M -- the swing set
  9. Breagha -- art & the walking trail at our school
  10. Lily -- the classes
  11. Logan -- loves the swing sets
  12. Andy -- our new outdoor skating rink
  13. Dayna -- Dawn & gym
  14. Mikayla -- Dawn, gym, and swings
  15. Riley -- our new triple hoop
  16. John -- huge gym & our new teacher, Dawn & our swingset
  17. Shazia -- art, drama, and Mr. MacKenzie, French class
  18. Jon -- music class, Gaelic, math, gym and my awesome new teacher, Dawn
Maya asked: What are we doing in school and what do we like?
  • Health, Math, Science
  • playing dodgeball in the gym
  • Gym
  • love language arts and tweeting on twitter!
  • having fun with education
  • checking our blog
Ethan  asked if we had a class pet or not?
  • We have a pet rock! And we've got a fishbowl that will hopefully be filled soon
Liam  wants to know what the most exciting thing is we've done this year?
  • The biggest thing so far is the additions to our playground. We got new swings and a triple hoop! And, we're waiting to test out our new outdoor skating rink! We're pretty excited!
Questions for Mrs. Fennemore's Class:
  1. Where are you located in Newfoundland?
  2. Were you affected by Hurricane Igor?
  3. Are you guys going to get a new fish? (Sorry about Ringo)
  4. What is the name of your school?
    1. Does your school have a website?
  5. Have you guys ever heard of the Gaelic language?
  6. Do you guys have French class?
  7. Do you speak French or English?
  8. What kind of playground do you have at your school?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tweeting with a Class in Ontario

This morning we tweeted with a class in Ontario about the Little Prince as part of the Global Read Aloud project:

The students we tweeted with were part of @Gill_Ville 's class in Waterloo, Ontario.
Their school website can be found here  and their class website (which is really cool) can be found here.

Their teacher also mapped the route from their school to our's. You can find it here:

We really enjoyed our twitter "date" with the class!