Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rockin' the Lip Sync at School with a Message

Here we are performing "Loser Like Me" from Glee as part of the Spring Fling Lip Sync afternoon!
We picked this song because it's fun and it has a good message. The message is that it's not ok for people to call others 'losers', but in the end, those that do are essentially "losers" themselves.

Friday, April 8, 2011

No, we weren't robbed!

These two characters were among the many that came to our classroom this week. They weren't robbers... more like "Robbers Munsch".

We've been reading and re-reading and exploring Robert Munsch books as a way to improve our understanding of how authors use words and punctuation to engage the reader. Each student read a variety of his books and had to pick a favourite book to share with our grade 2 reading buddies, and also had to prepare a presentation on the book.

The presentations were so well done that I ended up laughing, groaning, and even had tears in my eyes as the students gave their all to present their favourite books. The two characters in the picture above are from Robert Munsch's book "Boo!". 

I'm so proud of you guys for doing such a fabulous job with your presentations. It is a teaching moment I will remember forever, and something I will surely do again in the future!

Thank you for making my job fun!