Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Culture in our Day

Following our analysis of our daily events, such as eating, getting dressed, our free time, etc. we completed an online form to pool our responses.

Our answers are summarized in the graphics below. They led to wonderful discussions about the cultures we see and how cultures have changed.

Great work, Grade 5 and 6!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Think through your day...

Now that you've done the  homework, use your sheet to fill in the following form we created in class:

Track a day in your life to find:

  • at least 5 things you do that are a result of YOUR personality
  • at least 5 things you do that are influenced by culture
Tell whether your entries are a part of:
  1. Youth Culture
  2. School Culture
  3. Popular Culture
  4. Techno Culture
  5. Ethnic Culture

Activity in Your Day
Unique to You?
 Cultural Influence
Waking up to Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas
Popular culture influence. It’s a popular song.
Techno cultural influence – the song is on my iPhone.
foods you eat 
(breakfast, lunch, supper)

  extra curricular activities

 TV shows you've watched

 How you spend your free time

 What you wear

Monday, November 19, 2012

Looking at the Night Sky

As part of our science unit on Space and the Planets, we're beginning to explore vocabulary associated with these topics and also some cultural beliefs.

Here are the vocabulary graphic organizers we created. Using an organizer like this helps us to keep track of the information we researched. Students used dictionaries, books from the classroom science library or the internet to gather the information on the word they were assigned.

As this unit continues, we are also looking at understanding the sky, stars, and constellations. Students are reminded to use these websites to guide their nightly sky viewing:


Be sure to check the nightly forecast to see if it is going to be clear enough to view the stars:

We are also lucky to have a Mi'kmaq elder coming into our class this week to share Mi'kmaq beliefs about the stars and space. Here is the Mi'kmaq tale of Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters, which we are exploring in class:

Stay tuned for more information about this topic!