Monday, May 14, 2012

Haikus on a topic...

Horses are so cool,
In the sunshine where it's hot.
And horses love the heat.
 I have five brothers.
They are annoying. 
They like to play games.
Gillises are cool.
Better than what Dawn thinks.
Dawn is a dummy.
Rain is wet and fun.
I like to roll in the mud
When it is super wet!
 Sophia Lillian
The cutest baby ever.
I love her so much!
 Mom's have so much style.
They are loving and caring.
They love us so much!
Hoodies are so warm.
And I like to wear them.
They are very cool.
Gaelic is so cool.
In Gaelic there are accents.
You would like it, too.
I have a sister.
She is a pain in the butt.
That's why we have them!
Rain made by water
Water is good for everybody
Its gonna rain water all day.
You can play music.
You can play the piano.
Listen to music.
I have a dirt bike.
My dirt bike goes very fast.
My bike gets dirty.
They are physicists.
Penny is a bad waitress.
Ah hah! Bazinga!
Cards are very fun.
I like card tricks very much.
I know cool card tricks.
Family is cool.
Family takes care of you.
Family is nice.
I am a nice aunt.
Olivia -- three months old
I love her so much.
Greg and Roderick
Hate each other very much.
Manny poops a lot.
Neve and Shayde are twins.
They share all of their birthdays.
Neve is the oldest.
Guitars are awesome!
There are different guitars.
I play the guitar.
Ontario rocks!
Ontario is awesome.
Mississauga rocks!
all poems created by Grade 5/6 students.
-all rights reserved-

Friday, May 11, 2012

Party Rockin'!

Here was our class's entry into our school's Spring Fling Talent Show!

*all participants were asked if they wished for this video to be posted on our class's blog