Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Baobabs :: Chapters 4 through 6

  • Learning about the planet -- Asteroid B612
  • How does the plane land on the planet if it's so small
  • BAOBABS!!!!!!!!
  • tiny, little planet
  • a tree could barely live on it
  • about the size of our classroom
  • can fit 4 elephants on it... maybe 7
  • Little Prince likes sheep
  • Thinks smartly; has big words in his vocabulary; but he thinks 'small', thinks 'smaller' in terms of space and room available
  •  He has words like an adult but he thinks like a child
  • Baobabs are REALLY hard to get rid of if they grow too big; as soon as you find a bad seed you have to take them out!



Nathan: The Little Prince is going to get a real sheep. The narrator and the Litte Prince are also ging to move to the narrators planet. (But Ailig thinks the fact that the narrator said, "It's been six years since the Little Prince left me..." refutes this.)

Andy: I think the Little Prince is going to leave the planet a long, long time after the crash and he's going to go back and tell the kids on his planet about it.

Logan (the birthday girl today): I think they're going to find out where the Little Prince's homeland is, and they're going to find out that the Little Prince has magical powers

Ailig: I think the Little Prince is going to get an actual sheep and go back to his planet to kill the Baobab trees

Jon: I think they (the narrator and the Prince) are going to stay and find out what the planet is like.

Mikayla: I think he's going to get a real sheep.

Breagha: I think the Little Prince is going to get a real sheep and the narrator is going to find someone who likes his boa constrictor drawings.
Generally, we all think that the ending is going to be sad. The story just has that kind of feeling to it.

We created a wordle graphic about our thoughts thus far; about our predictions, our thoughts, our ideas about the book.

Wordle: Ch. 4-6 of The Little Prince

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover!

We are taking part in a Global Read Aloud. We are reading the book "The Little Prince" with students from all over the world. Our teacher, Dawn, found out about the project on twitter.

A little bit about us:
We are from Iona, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. We are from Rankin School of the Narrows/Sgoil MhicFhraing a'Chaolais, where we learn all kinds of things, including the French and Gaelic languages. (The "sgoil" part of our school name is in Gaelic.) We are the 7 girls and 11 boys, aged 10-12, who make up the grade 5/6 class at this school.
Our First Thoughts on "The Little Prince"
  • Ailig says, "Most of the class thought that, by the cover of the book, that the book would be really bad. After 2 chapters, we're hooked!"
  • Zach M., "The little dude likes sheep?!?!"
  • Jon says, "So far we find the book is really good... really awesome... and we're gonna keep reading."
  • Zach C., "Can't wait to read more!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Shazia: "The book is really awesome!"
  • Logan (a girl): "I like the way the main character (the dude telling the story)... [the narrator] chooses his words!"
  • Breagha: "I like the way the narrator is 'high class', using big words and stuff."
  • Nathan: "The little dude is really picky about the sheep... and pictures!"
  • Emerson: "The book is interesting!"
  • Mikayla: "I thought the book was really interesting; I didn't think I was going to like it from the start! Now I want to go home and read, read, read!"
  • Dawn (Our Teacher) says, "I"m totally pumped that my class is sooooo excited about this project!"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back at'er

Here we are back at school for another school year.
This is going to be the blog where our grade 5/6 class keeps the world up to date on what's going on in our neck of the woods!

We hope:
  • you enjoy looking at our blog.
  • you come back to visit us again.
  • you leave us a comment so we know you were here!