Friday, December 7, 2012

What's your angle?

We've been working on Geometry in math class. Today we spent time reviewing vocabulary -- looking at why things are named what they are, word origins, prefixes, etc. We also reviewed our benchmark angles and 2D shapes.

Here are some pictures of our work!

 In this photo, you can see Nora trying to figure out a new manipulative with which you can make 2 or 3D figures. Erin, very happily shows off the triangle she made. The boys at the bottom left discuss ways to try and make a hexagon, while the boys at the bottom right exclaim their shape!

The photo at the right shows Neve being very particular in proving that the shape the girls made is equilateral. Similarly, Jessie and Erin are trying to prove that the 3 angles of a triangle add up to be 180 degrees.

Creating right angles took some space!

Examples of student work...