Thursday, May 30, 2013

A "shining moment"... pun intended...

We spent a good amount of time today working hands-on with many pieces of electrical equipment trying to make complete circuits, testing out materials and determining whether they were insulators or conductors, etc. It was a fun day! Some groups even self-discovered series circuits and how an increase in voltage can mean much brighter light bulbs!

Perhaps one of the best moments of today, though, came from one of my "brightest" students:
photo used with Logan's astounding permission

While I praised Logan for being one of my "brightest" (wink, wink) students with his electric necklace invention thingy, he trumped me...

He exclaimed he was,

"a shining, creative gangster... the battery's in da hood!"

Oh the chuckles we had about that one!
Good one, Logan!