Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog Posts about the Books We Read in Guided Reading

The following 3 entries are about the books we read in groups for Guided Reading.
Maybe you will enjoy them...
Blog post  -- by Lily, Andy, Emerson, Breagha

In the last couple of days we have started guided reading. And it tells us about health facts.

By: Jeff Szpirgals

Illustration by: Alisa Bald

Title: *That’s gross*

This has some gross and some cool things in it like…

1) did you know that when you sneeze a thing called mucus comes out and it FULL of germs ( that’s why to must cover your mother)

2) Also…When you chew your food your mouth full up with saliva.

3) And another thing is.. When you get hurt or get a scrap there are little thing in your cut called cells. That with only a microscope.

4) One last thing is. There are thousands and thousands of mites on your pillow when you go to sleep. When you are asleep they eat all of the thing that are in your hair

Camden, Rochelle, Shazia, Zach M, Dayna

Getting It All Done

By: F. Romall Smalls

This report was about young children that have a very busy schedule. It talks about how kids need to learn to manage their time. According to studies children have less free time than kids did 20 years ago. It talks about managing your time by using a book to write things down in, this is helpful. Some kids cut activities that are less important. Prioritizing is very important in managing a busy schedule. It also talks about getting the proper sleep each night.

Things to help you stay on track:

• Take notes

• To-do-list

• Most difficult first

• Study in a quiet place

• Make a check list

• Prepare for things early.


Logan, Mikayla, Ailig, Jon, Tyler, Zach C
Keeping fit
By: Peter Winkler

This book is about ways to keep fit and live a healthy life style here is some things that we thought were interesting in the book!


• The USDA food guide is the best food guide in the world because it shows you what you should consume in a day.

• Every kid should have at least 20 to 30 of physical activity a day.

• Stretching exercises help build flexibility. If you have flexibility you can bend, twist and turn your body easily.

• Muscular endurance is the ability for your muscles to work over a long period of time.

• Your body must intake water every day.

 • Your body must contain 13 vitamins and 22 minerals a day to stay healthy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Entry in the Teach with Techonology Contest

How do we use technology in our classroom? Well, let’s write a blog post about that…

That’s right. Blogging on our class blog is one of the ways we use technology in our grade 5/6 classroom at Rankin School of the Narrows. Our blog “Class Act : Rankin Files”  tells all about our forays into the world wide web and beyond.

Since September, we have worked to open our minds and classroom walls to areas outside of our rural community. Through our twitter account we read a book in a “Global Read Aloud” project, with other classes all around the world. We shared our ideas and predictions about the book through tweets and blog posts. Through this one project, we have made connections with other classes and have engaged in ‘conversations’ through blog posts with these students.

Weather is a big topic in our class. We love our storm days, but they also provide us with a chance to explore technologies used to inform meteorologists and weather reporters. Using tweets from twitter, highway web cameras, and radar imagery, we tracked a recent snow storm. Our tweets were so exciting for others to read, that CBC NewsWorld caught our tweets and mentioned us on air! We literally put our community on the map!

Because we are a rural school, we use technology to help put faces, words, thoughts and feelings of others into our thoughts. We use technology every day. Be it using the internet, writing blog posts, using the classroom computer for research, checking out something neat on Youtube, we find as many ways as possible to log in and connect!