Monday, June 11, 2012

Hana's Suitcase

As part of our exploration of the Holocaust, we have been reading the book "Hana's Suitcase" by Karen Levine in class. This read-aloud activity has bolstered much anticipation and eager excitement in our class.

One of the journal writings students could choose to do had the students reflect upon why Fumiko's student group in Japan called themselves "Small Wings":

“Small Wings”
by: Tyler 

I think Fumiko’s students are called small wings because they are like baby birds -- they are learning how to fly well in this case they are learning all about Hana’s suitcase.

Kind of like their wings are small they are  trying to grow their wings and as they slowly grow their wings the more they learn about Hana’s suitcase that’s why I think their group is called small wings.

But right now their wings are small because they don’t know too much about Hana’s suitcase that’s why they have so called small wings. And because they are young when they learn more about Hana’s suitcase they won’t be called “small wings” anymore they will be mid wings such as medium sized wings and when they finish they will be called something like big wings well that’s my theory about why I think their Fumiko’s students group is called small wings.    

by: Kalen
 I think they called their group Small Wings because they were not very strong compared to Hitler and they weren’t as powerful as him. 

Small Wings
by: Jessie Helen

        I think Fumiko’s students named their group ‘SMALL WINGS’ because when you were Jewish you didn’t have much room to fly around.

         If I was Jewish I wouldn’t be able to go to school, go to the play ground, go to the store, or even go outside. If you wanted to go outside and were Jewish you would have to wear a star on your coat indicating that you were a Jew.
          I think ‘SMALL WINGS’ was a good name for their club because those two words explain Hana completely. It just sounds like what she was going through, she had no room to do anything what so ever.