Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In my room poems

Students were asked to write a poem about their rooms. What better place to write about than their little havens! (activity adapted from Nancie Atwell's book "Naming the World" )

 In My Room      

In my room,
Under my bed,
There lives a monster
Who's name is Ed.

He comes out at night,
And steals my things,
But slips back under the bed,                        
before my alarm rings.                                             

Last night I caught him                         
Right in the act!
And I made him promise
To put all my things back!

My room was so clean,
But now it's all messed!
It's filled to the roof,
My Mom was not impressed!

Ed left my room,
And moved to another,
He said he was leaving,
He couldn't stand the clutter!

He went to a cleaner room,
One with more space.
He packed up his things,
And took my suitcase!

Now in my room,
Under my bed,
There is no monster
Who's name was Ed.
- Lindsey


My room dances with colors of lemon yellow, a soft light pink, a grass green and, a nice apple green

Pictures, trophies and medals float like stars in the night
And when I lay down, it's like falling in a meadow of clouds

My room is smooth and relaxing and smells like Ralf Lauren and other delightful smells

My room makes me, me , I could never think of changing the lovely colors , textures, scent, and stuff around it

What makes my room me is my sister because we share it!

-- Chynna


In my room it is blue.
In my room it is red.
In my room there is a tv.
In my room it is black.

In my room there is a chock chalk board.
In my room there is a desk.
In my room there is a bed.
In my room there is a closet.
And in my room there is a dresser.



  1. Wow! There really good poems. You should make more poems and put them on your blog.

  2. Lindsy,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem. I'm in sixth grade and we are working on figurative language and poems. We are also making a poetry book with a lot of our poems that we wrote. I think I'm going to write a "In My Room" poem too! Bye!!!:)

  3. That was a really good poem Lindsey,Chynna and Sean about your rooms.I really enjoyed it too!Wish you could do another one.

  4. What a great theme for your poetry! I'm going to try it with my classes too.
    I loved the thought that Chynna shared, that her sister is what makes their room unique.
    Mrs. Bird

  5. Hi my name is Jaylin. I love your poem. I used to think the same thing. now I know. visit me at