Thursday, February 18, 2010

Katherine MacLeod's Journey

        Katherine Macleod is an astonishing runner, who ran with the torch. She was generous enough to take the time to explain to us the amazing experince she had with the torch.
        She was one out of a million to win the Coca-Cola contest to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay,In order to be officially picked she had to write a 500 word essay. After 8-10 months of waiting she got a call that she got to run 300 metres  in Scotchtown, Cape Breton.
        She was a given a suit, mittens, and a hat. She discovered the diference between her mittens and the Olympic mittens you would buy in stores is the white maple leaf has grips on hers so she can hold the torch better.
        The day of the run the local runners met in Glace Bay. They got on a colourful Olympic bus and shared emotional stories on how they were picked.
         When they arrived they were each given the torch to run with and after words if they wanted to buy their torch they could for $300.
          During her time to run she was told to walk because it was so short and you wanted to remember evry minute. Though when they told her to go she took off like the wind.
           She had an emotional but great time and it was 1 out of a million experince.

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