Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Olympic Run!

We're not really running for the Olympics, but we are taking a run at setting up a whole newscentre about the Olympics in our classroom!

This week we're setting up our classroom as a newscentre in preparation  for the upcoming 2010 Olympics in Vancouver! Each day students come into the English classroom and are assigned a role for that day:

By working collaboratively,  students will be immersed in the various aspects of the Olympics games!
Topics we've looked at this week to get us in the groove are:
  • How an Olympic host city is chosen
  • What is takes to be an Olympian
  • the boycott of the 1980 Olympics
  • an overview of the 2010 Olympics

Here, today's editors work on editing some of their classmates' work.

The studio/floor managers work at creating and fine-tuning our Olympic wall display.

(The poster template can be downloaded from Olympic School)

Stay tuned for more updates about our run at the Olympics!

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