Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Entry in the Teach with Techonology Contest

How do we use technology in our classroom? Well, let’s write a blog post about that…

That’s right. Blogging on our class blog is one of the ways we use technology in our grade 5/6 classroom at Rankin School of the Narrows. Our blog “Class Act : Rankin Files”  tells all about our forays into the world wide web and beyond.

Since September, we have worked to open our minds and classroom walls to areas outside of our rural community. Through our twitter account http://www.twitter.com/ruralteacher we read a book in a “Global Read Aloud” project, with other classes all around the world. We shared our ideas and predictions about the book through tweets and blog posts. Through this one project, we have made connections with other classes and have engaged in ‘conversations’ through blog posts with these students.

Weather is a big topic in our class. We love our storm days, but they also provide us with a chance to explore technologies used to inform meteorologists and weather reporters. Using tweets from twitter, highway web cameras, and radar imagery, we tracked a recent snow storm. Our tweets were so exciting for others to read, that CBC NewsWorld caught our tweets and mentioned us on air! We literally put our community on the map!

Because we are a rural school, we use technology to help put faces, words, thoughts and feelings of others into our thoughts. We use technology every day. Be it using the internet, writing blog posts, using the classroom computer for research, checking out something neat on Youtube, we find as many ways as possible to log in and connect!

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  1. Good luck with the contest! You are very deserving! When will you know if you were successful? Is there anywhere we could vote for you?